Thursday, November 25, 2010


Holidays are the hardest times to be away from family.  Its easy to miss grandma's or mom's home cooked meals.  Fortunately I am lucky enough to have made friends in Denver who were nice enough to ask me to share the holiday with them.  This year Jeremy, Kim and Eric came over to my place.  It was the second year in a row I hosted Thanksgiving.  As you see above there was plenty of good food for all.  Thankfully I have the internet so this could help us with dinner.  At the time of posting, there are 3,000 more hits, so we aren't the only ones using this, ha ha.  Football games and Dumb and Dumber were on the TV.  Eric and I even prepped out mountain bikes for this weekends adventure.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Century Saturday and a new record

Its probably kind of funny that I post a new record right after my last post (rest).  Anyway, Erik, Eric, Jeremy and I set out to do our November century on 11/6.  The highs in the Front Range were in the upper 70s and with winter supposedly approaching and shorter days ahead, we figured this was the best opportunity.  In the back of my mind I kind of thought I would push myself and see how many miles I could do.  I thought our planned route would put me at about 115, which it was actually a bit lower.  We rode out to Nederland and did a loop, gps details here.  It was a really good route and highway 72 was new to me.  Overall it is a pretty good descent (72) and some surprising climbs.  After we all hit 100 miles and parted ways, I decided I would head out to the Cherry Creek Res where I do a lot of my quick road rides.  I was not sure how many miles I could push out because of how I felt, dwindling supplies, and the sun.  Well, I ran out of sun, so I ended at 125.34 miles, which is a new overall record.  Our November century was my 23rd consecutive month with at least one 100 mile bike ride.