Friday, January 20, 2012

Different types of training

My world is pretty cycle-centric.  Its funny.  All year I talk about doing different things, but biking is normally the priority.  Fill in the blank sounds fun, but I am going to ride my bike.  Last Saturday Eric and I hiked Mt. Sherman.  I am not really a hiker.  I would rather roll than walk (on wheels, yes, a bike really, going back to a previous statement).  Sherman is a rather easy 14er (14,000 ft mountain).  We decided to hike this in the winter rather than the summer.  It ups the ante on difficulty, plus, we ran into 2 people all day, which is the way we prefer it.  Out and about, doing the things we like, enjoying the solitude of the wilderness.  The forecast looked good.  Sunny, 40 to 50 mph winds and temps -20 to -30.  Hike info here.

Mt. Sherman peak far right
Mt. Sherman conquered
Monday I went to the first 2012 RMR meeting at the Spot.  It was good seeing a few familiar faces and meeting a lot of the team.  I also ordered the 2012 kit, which should arrive by Aprils training camp in Fruita.
Tuesday it was windy and cold, plus there was fresh snow and ice on the ground.  I needed to ride.  I took the Pugsley to Meyers Ranch, which was new to me.  Exploring a new park at night in frigid temperatures on a bike in snow was fun.  The trails were perfect for snow biking.  Data here.  It turned out to be a short ride distance wise, but it was worth it to get out.  The elevation gained on a 34lb bike in snow plus the temps made it enough.  Meyers Ranch will be waiting for me the next time it snows.
Photo taken with stupid Black Berry which does not do the trails justice

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is starting to shape up

We are less than five days in, and the 2012 season is starting to shape up.  Sponosorships for the year has already been confirmed.  I've already signed up for a few races.  And I already have a few good days of climbing in on the bikes.

For 2012 I will be riding for a local team, Rocky Mountain Racing.  I am excited to ride and race with new people this year.  It will also be great to have the support of Golden Bike Shop, RMR's primary sponsor.  Twin Six, Honey Stinger, Crank Brothers, and Schwalbe will be back for 2012 again.

I am already signed up two races that are new to me.  The Whisky Off Road 50 Proof, April 28.  I am really looking forward to heading to Prescott AZ to ride, race, and watch the pros vie for the $30,000 in prize money.  May 12th I will be racing 12 Hours of Mesa Verde.  This 12hr race is in the desert, so hopefully I will avoid the snow storm that took place during my first 12 hour race.  Soon RME race registration opens up and the scramble to get into a few select races as well.