Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was extremely busy during March and April with a lot of work and two consecutive months of over 700 miles on the bikes.  Life was taking its toll on me and I was both mentally and physically exhausted.  The second week of May everyone in my family has a special day.  Mothers day, my sisters birthday, and my dad's birthday all fell within four days each other.  I thought this would be a good time to remove my self from my hectic Colorado lifestyle and take a quick break.  I found a well priced plane ticket and plans began.  My first call was to my sister to tell her to cancel plans on mothers day, as I figured that would be when they would get together to celebrate.  I then bought a ticket and Erin said she could pick me up in Green Bay at the airport.  Mothers day came and went, and I built it up by asking several times if my mom had gotten her card, which I knew had not even mailed.  The same game was played with my dad for his birthday.  His frustration with the post office was expressed, and I laughed to myself as I as I was talking to him on his birthday, which was the day before the surprise.  Friday morning I boarded a very early plane out of Denver.  Erin, Brendan, and Jasmine greeted me at the airport and we off to Curly's Pub at Lambeau field to have lunch with Nate.  Friday happened to be Nate's birthday, and he got a double brat burger sort of thing that was completely Wisconsin and ridiculous.  Both my mom and my dad were equally caught off guard when they saw me.  My mom first saw me at my parents house as I was sitting in a place that was not in direct view as she entered the kitchen.  She stopped mid sentence as she was talking to my sister and had a look of shock on her face upon realizing who was in the kitchen.  I caught my dad off guard in similar fashion at a restaurant later as I was hiding behind a rather large menu.  I got in lots of hanging out, eating and relaxing.  Jasmine and I played with Lincoln logs.  I was only in WI for 52 hours, so I was not able to visit a lot of friends.  I had hoped to spend the majority of time with my family and get lots of rest, and it worked out well, plus on my way back to DIA, I was upgraded to 1st class or whatever they call it now!

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