Monday, October 4, 2010

Normal weekend for some, not so normal for others

I have not been posting as much the last half of the summer as I used to.  It seems to me the content of the majority of my posts is the same.  Camp somewhere that is amazing, ride my bike places that make most people envious, repeat.  Three plus years in Colorado and I still think that I am incredibly lucky to live here.  This past weekend Ben and I got to share some of the amazing riding and camping we do every weekend with Jesse and Tyler Welnak (Ben's brother).

Ben picked up Jesse and Tyler Friday afternoon and I met them out for a night lap.  We got about an hour and a half of riding mostly in the dark.  After the ride we drove to Idaho Springs for dinner at Tommy Knockers brewery.  Tiger road was our camping spot for the evening.  Morning temps hovered around upper 20s lower 30s, which is pretty nice for October at 9,600 ft.

Sunday we got up, ate pop tarts, and went into Breckenridge to fuel up to ride stage 2 of the Breck Epic. The ride consists of some tough fire road climbs and a really good section of the Colorado trail.  The climb up the section of the Colorado trail took us to over 11,000 ft.  Mountain bikers in Wisconsin do not get climbs that last for miles, and the reward, descents that last miles.  All the suffering led to a decent that puts a smile on any rider no matter where they are from.

 Saturday nights camp spot

 Jesse on the final long decent
 Typical views during the day
Ben, Jesse, me, Tyler
Sunday Mark and a couple others met us for a lap around the Indian Creek trails.  Conditions were pretty much the same, perfect.

The four mountain bike rides (if you count Thursdays night lap at Buffalo Creek) were a lot of fun.  While Colorado is to dry this fall, the warm weather has given us plenty of time to log miles on the mountain bikes.  I hope I can find weather like this past weekends somewhere as Jim will be visiting me next week.  More vacation and lots of biking, can't wait!!

Breck video slideshow thing by Ben

Indian Creek video slideshow thing by Ben

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