Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Passing time......Indoors

After three consecutive days of bitterly cold weather and very little cardio, I decided I better do something about this.  I hate riding bikes indoors.   I hate riding bikes indoors (duplicated on purpose for emphasis).  If I ride my trainer in my little apartment, it will smell like a gym.  This is no good.  The workout room in my apartment complex where I could ride my trainer is locked and under construction.  24hr Fitness has a 6:30 cycling class.  I decided to go.....

I got to the gym and signed up for the last class.  After that, I went to check out the cycling class room.  Much to my surprise, the gym has very nice bikes.  Things were looking optimistic here.  I found a bike and started warming up.  A few minutes later an employee from gym said the trainer/teacher person was not going to show up.  Fail.  I had to come up with a plan, otherwise I was going to be bored out of my mind.  I decided I would do a few intervals after a nice warmup and then try to outlast everyone in the gym.

Right out of the gate, half the group pulled away from the pack, I went with the breakaway (or half the group got up and left).  I sat in the middle of the pack on this mostly flat course and decided the best way to finish first was to get a good warm up in and save my efforts for later.  I put in a few attacks that were exactly 3 minutes each and this shelled a bunch of the group (we passed the 30 minute mark, and they were probably bored, so they left).  By now I was getting a feel for the rest of us in the group.  There looked to be a few strong riders left (people in actual cycling clothes).  At about 45 minutes, there were six of us left. I rode behind a tall rider in Capo gear (going forward, he will be referred to as Capo).   I figured sitting behind Capo would provide a nice draft.  He looked strong, but he did not look like a climber.  I was hoping that there would be some elevation gain eventually and then I would make my move.  About an hour into the "race" two more people were dropped (left).  Capo seemed to be showing signs of weakness at this point.  He started sitting up and stretching, so I made my move (or I sat there and kept pedaling).  At the 1:10 mark it was me and another rider.  He looked strong.  Some friends were talking to him and distracted him.  Finally, he got up and left.  1:18 into the ride (race!) I sprinted to the finish.  Victory, I was the last person standing (sitting?).

I actually survived riding indoors.  Thankfully the final sprint the ended the race.  I could not take any more of this.  I hope the weather gets better here so I can actually ride outdoors.  1:18 isn't much, but it is most likely better than couch time.  Can't wait to ride outdoors tomorrow, pretty much no matter what I am going to bike to work.

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