Saturday, March 12, 2011


Not much new in my world lately.  This time of the year gradually gets busier with work and ramping up time on the bike to get ready for racing season.  March through May is probably the busiest time of the year for me at work.  This means I work, ride bikes, and turn it off when I am not doing either of those things.  I have a pretty ambitious schedule for 2011 and am kind of changing my focus.  The mountain bike races I will be doing this year are much longer, pretty much all 50 miles or more.  Below are the races I am already signed up for.  More things to come....

Dawn Til Dusk (1st 12 hr race)
Voodoo Fire
Original Growler
Firecracker 50
Breck 100

Today Jeremy and I went out for my March century.  It was the first day of week three of a fairly ambitious early season training block.  I could describe the route, but the garmin track is here.  I've been focusing more on hours and elevation gain this year.  I felt strong today and the legs are starting to come to form.  We even rode with this endurance mountain biker for a little while, who was out for a pretty good road ride as well.

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