Monday, April 25, 2011

Vodoo Fire RME

Tough race this past weekend.  I felt flat the whole race as I think I am still feeling the lingering effects of some big efforts early in the month (I have a 100 mile, 87 mile, and now a 67 mile mountain bike ride this month).  I finished 43/67 racers in my age category and 109/200 out of riders who finished.  Not sure how many DNF'd, but that isn't really to important.  One of my goals was to keep riding no matter how I felt and not take time off at aid stations or pitting as I lapped through.  I had 10 minutes of non moving time, which I am ok with.  I pitted for a couple minutes after lap two to eat a Honey Stinger Chew, which are so easy to stomach during a race, and a coke.

Race data here.

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