Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few weeks back I crashed in the Growler and bounced my knee off a rock.  At first I thought it was only a cut as blood poured down my leg.  After a while my knee started to tighten up.  I finished the lap did not feel up for another.  Turns out this was a good idea.  I ended up being off the bike for the next 9 days.  Walking hurt.  Anytime I put pressure on my knee, it was to much. This past week I slowly got back on the bike, but the effort has been pretty low.
Towards the end of my downtime I picked up a bike I've been thinking about for quite a while.  During the last year or so I've strayed away from the "road" bike.  Mountain bikes are more fun to ride and they are far more versatile.  Plus canyon roads can be quite sketchy early and late in the year with debris from the weather on the roads. 

The Santa Cruz Highball Al with full Shimano SLX is exactly what I was looking for.  I solid aluminum frame, SLX components which I am sure will prove functional and durable, plus a rigid fork.  I plan to use tires that are beyond their trail life so I will never really have to buy new tires for it.  I am sure the Highball will be a great new "road bike."

Summer and drier weather has finally arrived in Colorado.  The last few weekends I've ventured to Twin Lakes for some camping, mountain biking the Colorado Trail, and a little bit of altitude training.  Twin lakes is a nice, quiet, underrated, and beautiful place to be.

Its also one of the nicer segments on the Colorado Trail!

Unlike some of the resort towns, I hardly ever run into others out here.

Pre fire ban fire

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