Sunday, December 14, 2008

New and news!

Myspace is lame, and I never update that anyway.  Even though it was 50 in Denver yesterday, I guess it is winter, so maybe this will be updated more often, who knows.  Today, it was cold as heck.  The key here is differentiation.  Yesterday, some friends and I rode 65 miles on road bikes (most of us, anyway), today, because of the bone chilling cold, I climbed indoors with a friend.  I still ride my bikes quite a bit, but in Colorado, there are many more things to do.  Lately, to change things up, I have been climbing a bit.  I've been outside a few times, but I have a group of friends that go indoors somewhat frequently.  It is nice to try different active things.  Cross training, a great way to stay in shape, and not get burnt out on activities.  This winter, I may (gulp) run for a little bit if I am unable to bike to and from work.  So far, commuting has gone well.  I have biked to work a handful of times with temps less than 20 degrees and in the dark.  One night I even had to bike home in snow.  I bought cross country skis, and will hopefully soon learn this as well.  Oh, and I still ride quite a bit as I am within striking distance of 6,000 miles for the year.

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  1. Brett thats awesome that you started a blog! Climbing huh thats cool, especially out there. Man today the high temp was 7, and thats without the windchill!