Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, a great day for LSD

Thats Long, Slow Distance riding.  Todays forecast in Denver was supposed to be 59 with maybe 11mph winds.  Well, was a bit off.  We probably faced winds that were greater than 30mph.  At times, we were blown off of the road.  Anyway, Chris P, Erik, Jeremy and I rode road bikes from Chris P's house to Carter lake for a JANUARY century.  101 miles and something like 6,000 ft of climbing.  It was Jeremy's first century ever, and way sooner than he thought he could ride that far.  I felt pretty good, as I did a fair share of climbing, and even attacked on some of the hills.  After todays ride, I shattered my previous PR.    474 miles of bike riding in January.  Denver winters are harsh, ha ha.


  1. Nice job dude! You're an animal!

  2. Nice... I too have done a January PR for the month. I heard someone at King Soopers on Sunday morning complain because it was cold... haha....

    How do you know the Performa guys?
    shoot me an email sometime and we can ride.