Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three days, three different activities

Saturday, Chris D, Jeremy and I went up to Brainard lake, not to far from Ward for some XC skiing.  It was the second time out for Chris and I, and this was quite a leap.  We went from wide open terrain to dodging rock and having very close encounters with trees.  The wind was brutal, and it was very cold, but we were out for about 3.5 to 4 hours.  We will need a bit more practice before we go back as I got my right ski pinned between two trees while still on my feet.  I also managed to fall and somehow launch one of my skis into Chris's calf, which was pretty funny.  Somehow, at the end, we ended up on the snowshoe trail, and Chris stopped about one inch from hitting a tree, as the end came up pretty suddenly without us knowing.  

Sunday in Denver, the weather was pretty nice.  Chris P, Jeremy, and I put 3:20 hrs on the road bike.  We rode the S Platte out to Deer Creek Canyon, and then went up a bit.  We did 1,000 ft in 4 miles at a pretty steady clip and headed up to Rei and back down the CC trail.  58 miles and some canyon riding makes for a good training day in January.  

Monday, Chris P, Marni, Chris D, and I went climbing.  I felt OK at first, but then cleaned a couple 5:10s in a row, which was a nice step for me.  I even tried slacklining, but that is pretty tough, and I fell a lot.  

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