Sunday, February 15, 2009

The weekend

Saturday was kind of a cloudy, colder day, with occasional snow showers.  I ended up biking to the gym for a couple hours of lifting.  It wasn't a great day for bike riding, so I ended spending a couple hours on my single speed bike after that running some errands.  I did not really have any objectives with my ride besides going to REI to get tickets for the Banff Mountain Film Festival for friday night.  As I was pedaling away from REI, a guy flew by me on a geared cyclocross bike.  The rider brought on my competitive instincts, as I started to try to pace him.  Much to his surprise, I passed him after chasing him at speeds of 17 to 19 mph for six miles.

Sunday, Jeremy and I went for a casual hike at a trail called Ben Tyler.  It is a trail in the Lost Creek Wilderness about an hour away from my place.  It was sunny and quite nice.  We probably hiked about 5 miles with a fair amount of elevation change.  The whole trail is about 22 miles, and would be a really good overnight hike.  

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