Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Century

Chris, Erik, Jeremy and I are trying to ride a century every month, and Brady was the 5th rider Saturday.  We started in Westminster and rode to Golden to ride up Lookout Mountain, which is a 4 mile 1,400 ft climb.  I felt really good going up the climb even though I held back because it was only 20  miles in.  We rode beyond the peak and dropped down the back of Lookout Mountain at speeds of 35 mph or more in 35-40 degree weather.  It was a COLD descent.  We biked down the C-470 to Chatfield, over to the Cherry Creek trail and up past REI back to Westminster.  Most of the 109 miles was on bike paths and we ended up riding a few miles in the dark.  I can't wait for Daylight saving time. 

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