Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Century

Sunday was the third century of the year for me, as Chis P. Jeremy, Erik and I are trying for 100 miles on the bike in a day in each month of the year.  It reached the low 60s and was sunny throughout the day.  I was not sure how my legs would react based on Saturdays hike, but I turned out ok.  We rode out to Golden near the Coors brewery again and headed south to C470 out to the Cherry Creek trail and then back up to Westminster.  I was pretty tired by the halfway point.  I refueled at a gas station by eating two king size butterfingers.  It seemed to work for a while, but by mile 80 I was dragging again, so we stopped at the REI Starbucks, and this did the trick.  We all cracked 100 miles a block or so from Chris's house, then Jeremy initiated the final attack sprint!  Pizza, cookies, and recovery beers greeted us upon arrival!

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  1. check your account! my cheq check cashed. Oh I'm riding the SS this year by the way