Saturday, December 4, 2010

Century Saturday and another new record

Today Erik A and I knocked out a cold 100 miles on the road bike.  I had to stop and get hand warmers about 24 miles in.  Not sure what the temps were while we were out.  The sun wasn't out either, which worsened the weather.  Todays bike ride was the 24th consecutive month with at least one 100 mile bike ride.  I also surpassed 7,000 miles for the year and last years mileage total as well, which marks a new yearly mileage record.  Last year 7,000 was a big mark for me.  This year I did not have any mileage goals, but think that 7,000 is pretty impressive since I rode my mountain bike a LOT more this year.  Its time for a celebration Great Divide Brewing Co Imperial Stout.  Todays numbers here.

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  1. Dude...Hell of a job! 2 years of 100 milers is the shit! Nice!