Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carter Lake Loop

Today was the start of what I hope will be a lot of long rides in 2011.  Chris, Eric, and I started off the chilly morning quite early to embark on the first century of the year.  The forecast looked good, and with snow on the horizon, Saturday turned out to be a great day to ride bikes.  It was amazing the amount of people that were out riding as well.  Erik and I saw less than 15 people during my first December century.  I started off a little sluggish after my first week "back" on the bike.  The rest of the day I felt really good as is evident by some of my high heart rates.  I always like the excitement of the early season rides and the base they provide for what I anticipate to be a crazy season on the bike if I can show up to the starting line of all the races on my schedule.  Info for todays ride here!

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