Monday, January 24, 2011

Reverse 3 day birthday weekend

Saturday Chris, Marni, Ben, Eric, Jeremy, and I left Denver early to head to Leadville for the winter mountain bike series.  A blizzard and crazy ski traffic derailed our plans.  Chris and Marni decided to head home.  The rest of us went to the Peaks trail.

Sunday I met some friends at the Sports Column to watch the Packers play the Bears in the NFC Championship game.  Playoff football outside in cold weather against the Packers biggest rival, what could top it?  Well, a trip to the Super Bowl in Dallas made it an even better game.  Go Pack Go!!  Can't wait for Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, Monday, I got the day off of work for my birthday.  I didn't ride yesterday, so I decided to knock out 100 miles.  Tim has Mondays off, so I invited him.  The weather was decent (mid 30s) aside from a few snow flakes and wind.  Todays stats.

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