Monday, December 12, 2011


In January of 2009 a group of friends and I challenged ourselves to ride a century a month.  It became what we did.  Every month, we would get together, ride, stop for candy, cokes, and ice cream.  At first it was a challenge (not the eating part, the riding).  Can we get the ride in before it gets dark in the winter?  What about the winter, which Denver does get.  Early on, it was something I had to prep for quite a bit.  But it was fun.  I mean riding your bike all day with friends.  Its tough to beat. 

Chris, me, Brady, Erik, Jeremy
It also paved the way for bigger things.  Some of the rides were quite difficult.  I learned a lot while I was out there, wherever there might be.  What works well to keep me going.  How far can I push myself. 

36 months later the streak continues.  36 consecutive months with at least 1 100 mile bike ride.  How it goes down changed a bit.  People moved on and don't ride as much.  Unfortunately I rode a handful of them by myself this year.  Will it continue, I don't know.  I will still ride my bike and get big rides in, but the 100s, well its not quite the same doing this by myself. 

1999 Specialized M2Comp after its 1st 100 mile bike ride

Sundays ride, while not the most difficult (Mt. Evans from town?  WRIAD with lots of wind?  Wrist canyon with rain and maybe 50 degrees?) was up there.  I departed at 6:38 AM.  It was cold.  I turned back for more clothes.  The hose on my camelbak was frozen for at least the first two hours.  It was icy and snowy, which is why I chose the Specialized.  I certainly would have died had I tried to ride my road bike.  The ride itself was pretty uneventful.  Lots of bike paths, a few roads, some state parks, and a pretty fair headwind out of the south.  About the most exciting thing that happened was passing a pack of roadies as they were walking on ice and snow a few minutes after they blew by me.  I rode the snow.  They hiked it, ha.  Oh, and I had to get done by 1:50 or so so I could see the kickoff of the Packer game.  Almost 7 hours of pedal time, and I made it.  36 for 36.

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