Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well I guess if its going to be winter.....

Snow and frigid temperatures hit the Front Range this weekend and this called for an activity change.  I have a few snowshoe trips planned, so I decided to get my winter gear dialed in.  Saturday I went up to Rogers Lake with some friends that will be going with me to the Peter Estin 10th Mountain division hut shortly.  4 hours of snowshoeing, 2,000ft plus of elevation gained to reach a max elevation of 11,300ft, and temps hovering around 8 at the car made for a good test. 

Sunday I rolled out the snowbike!  Few bikes give you more smiles per mile.  Tim actually rode with me to, and he was on his regular mountain bike.  I wasn't really sure how this "ride" would turn out as I've not ridden the Pugsley at Bear Creek State Park.  We rode around aimlessly for a while finding a lot of trails that had a little to much snow to roll consistently.  Then we found a fun loop consisting of 50% or more of wooded singletrack.  A few laps, and we had a small course that was getting good and packed down.  A little exploring and we were able to make a figure 8 that was quite fun.  My new winter shoes and Twin Six Metal jacket kept me quite warm.  Details here.  I will be heading back Monday for more laps, but this time it will be at night with lights.  Sick!  Will you be there?

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