Sunday, April 5, 2009


At the trail with new jackets!

Today Chris, Jeremy and I decided to go to Frisco to look at skis at a shop that had rentals on sale and then head to the south side of the Ben Tyler trail.  This did not work at all.  The shop at Frisco opened at 10, which we thought it opened at 8.  Turns out we went to the wrong shop.  By the time we figured this out and went to the right shop, all of the skis we wanted were already gone.  They did have 50% off on winter gear though.  Chris and I each got down jackets that are the same color (only ones they had, not completely intentional).  At least mine is a Mountain Hardware Phantom (crazy warm), where as Chris's is The North Face.  Plus it was getting later in the day and we did not feel like driving all the way to the Ben Tyler trail.  Since it decided to be winter again in Colorado, we went thought it would be best to go to the Echo Lake trail head near Mt. Evans, which is closer to Denver so we would not have to fight ski traffic.  The snow was actually really nice, and so was the trail.  We snow shoed for a couple hours and then headed back to Denver.  

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