Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cardinals vs. Packers

Andrew, Brett, Saguaro
Packers about to score
Andrew, Brett, Andy
University of Phoenix stadium

Andy and Brett cooking

Andy, Andrew, and I have the idea that we want to see a Packer game in every stadium. We've been to Tampa twice. Since our last visit, the Packers were on quite a run, which they needed to to make the playoffs. We got three pretty decent tickets to the Packers Cardinals game, 16 rows off of the field to be exact. Andrew and Andy flew in, and I drove 900 miles to Phoenix. I brought all of the necessary tailgating gear that I had, which included 2 cases of Fat Tire beer since glass is not allowed at the stadium. They also don't allow grilling with charcoal. WTF? I picked up a grill as soon as I got to Phoenix so that we would not miss out on traditional tailgating of brats and burgers. Our tickets even came with a blue lot parking pass. We got to the game a little before 11, and it is a good thing. My grill had WAY more parts that needed to be assembled then I would have ever guessed. There were quite a few Packer fans near where we parked, which was pretty sweet. About an hour before game time we went into the stadium to check it out. The University of Pheonix is a really nice stadium. I've never been in a dome before, and I would say the ratio of Packers fans to Cardinals fans was 80/20. I could not believe how loud the stadium was. Didn't help that the Pack got off to a terrible start. They did turn it around and it ended up being a really fun game to watch. The final score in OT was 51-45, but the outcome was not as we hoped. The Packers season is now done.

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